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My Fridge is Losing Water!

A common problem, especially when the refrigerator is not new is that it may lose water and make puddles in some areas, something very annoying, but easy to solve. The problem may have two causes. Knowing the cause will let us solve the problem. It is important to know where the puddle of water is formed, whether on the ground, under the refrigerator, or inside.

When the refrigerator loses water and floods the floor

The cause of this water loss is due to the drain pan. If you take out the refrigerator, on the back you have access to the compressor motor and other elements, including a container where the condensed water of the defrost will stop. This container fulfills a dual function.  It helps prevent overheating of the compressor and makes the condensed water evaporate. Thanks to this, you do not need to have a drain in the kitchen for the refrigerator.Move Your Refrigerator

If this is the case, the drainage tray is possibly in poor condition. Precisely because of the temperatures to which they are exposed, sometimes the plastic material they are made of deteriorates and causes water losses.  Here the solution would be to find the brand and model, and request the piece from technical service, to be able to change it. It can also turn out that simply the container is dropped.  It can happen when cleaning and moving the refrigerator, since in some brands the drain tray is only placed or fitted without fasteners.

Buy a new tray and simply put it in, usually only consisting of a couple of screws.

When the refrigerator loses water inside

This cause is easier to solve than the previous one, simply the drain is obstructed. This solution will be different depending if the refrigerator is frost or no-frost. In frost refrigerators, the drain is visible in the bottom wall.  There will be a small cavity with a stopper, remove the stopper and pouring hot water into it should be enough.

In no-frost refrigerators the procedure is similar, the big difference is that everything is covered. At the bottom of the refrigerator, find the air impellers and see that everything is covered by a plastic subject with screws. To have access you have to remove it. You will see serpentines, fans and in the lowest area, the drain. 

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