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Regular Maintenance of Your A/C

There is nothing worse than a poorly functioning air conditioner during a hot summer day. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner will not only help you detect potential problems but also increase the life and energy efficiency of your unit.

Tips to increase the life of your air conditioner:

Clean around your air conditionerair conditioner maintenance in Denver

The outer condenser coils may get dirty or clogged over time, resulting in your unit working more and increase your electricity bill. Ensure good airflow to the unit by cleaning the area around the condenser and cutting off all vegetation within two feet of the unit.

Change the air filter regularly

Each month check the filter of your unit, cleaning it and replacing it when necessary. Keeping the filter clean helps reduce your air conditioning’s power consumption by 10 percent. 

Keep the condensation line clear

This pipe drains moisture created by the air conditioning. A clogged drain can cause moisture problems in the home. To keep the drainage free of mold and mildew, apply a little chlorine for domestic use.

What the technicians should check when giving maintenance to your A/C

Check the amount of refrigerant present

Check that there is no refrigerant leakage

Store any refrigerant evacuated from the system instead of releasing it to the atmosphere

Check for leaks in the ducts in the central systems and seal them correctly

Measure the air flow that goes through the evaporator coils

Verify that the electrical control sequence is correct and ensure that the heating system and cooling system can not operate simultaneously

Inspect the electrical terminals

Clean and tighten the connections

Apply oil to the engines and check the condition of the belts

Check the accuracy of the thermostat

Tips to Maintein A/C

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