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Tips to prevent your pipes from freezing and protect your boiler in winter

If you live in cold and humid climates, and your pipes are especially exposed to these harsh weather conditions, you should read our recommendations. Keeping your pipes isolated from low temperatures will guarantee a calm winter without scares. Blowouts by water freezing in the pipes, a very common fault between December and February, can be very expensive to repair.

What do you do to prevent your water pipes from freezing?

If a pipe full of water cools so much that the water freezes, its volume will increase, causing pressure on the inner side of the metal pipes, which eventually will break the pipe.

What is the real problem?

tips to avoid pipes from freezing

tips to avoid pipes from freezing

Water when freezing, is the real danger. That is why it is important that you solve any type of drip that is occurring in your plumbing system, from faucets to sinks, especially those that are closer to the outside or directly in the open.

In the yard and garden, always empty the hoses so that they do not contain water. When the water freezes it will burst from the inside. In fact, when the temperatures threaten to fall below zero, disconnect them from the external key to avoid freezing.

The cellars and external parts of the house usually have pipes and are the main candidates for  staying cold. Isolating these pipes is essential.

How to heat a frozen pipe?

  • First of all, check the status and material of the point we are talking about. Some plastics and copper will break if the transition is very sharp, or simply because they have already cracked with freezing and are waiting to return to a warmer temperature to release all the stored water.
  • If the tube is a sturdy metal, you can heat it by applying a remote welder, a dryer or a heat lamp. Always do it very carefully and little by little, and never leave this process unsupervised.
  •  If you go away for a long time, leave the thermostat in the winter position, since every time the temperature of the water in the circuit drops by degrees, the boiler will recirculate the circuit water so that it does not van for appliance repairs

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